The revolution for the world of Hospitality which allows access management!

Door Light , most selected by our architects, is the invisible version that allows you to enhance the structure and design chosen, making access always secure and functional.
This solution is composed of two physical elements .
Elements noticeable or made invisible.
All managed by WEB and an APP


Placed outside the open door.
It has the task of reporting the presence
of the customer in the room.


Placed inside the room.
It detects the presence of the inserted


Will allow you to manage and control the whole Hotel , even remotely.
Thanks to presence detection you will no longer have problems reading the chip!

How the access management system work?

  • It does not require any installation and this means that any incompatibility with operating systems or hardware offline is resolved.
  • No hardware upgrades are required.
  • It generates access cards and allows their permanent management.
  • Interfaceable with the PMS
  • All information transmitted to the devices remains stored in them as long as the customer stays.
  • Manual management guaranteed in case of offline or damage to the WEBSERVER.